The Average Retirement Age Worldwide is 64 Years Old

The average human life expectancy is 78 years. The average retirement age is 65. 

So Basically We Work For 45+ Years (Usually at Jobs We Aren’t Passionate About) Just To Get By and Live Our Last 10 or 15 Years “Free” When We Are Likely Too Old To Even Fully Enjoy It…??


There HAS TO BE a Better Way.

Well, I have incredible news for you, now there is.

Welcome to The Financial Freedom Fast Track.

My name is Tyler Wright, I started with $0 at 22, became a Millionaire at 27, grew my Net Worth to $1.5 Million by 28 and retired from the corporate world forever just before my 29th birthday.

This is not a book. This is not a course. This is an experience like you have never seen before. This is me giving you everything that took me 10 years to learn in 5 weeks so you can start making $10,000+ more, saving $20,000+ more and building generational wealth in the Millions so you can buy back your time and live your dream life.

Interested in getting started now? Then click the button below. Want to see what is in the course as well as what past students have said about it? Then keep scrolling!

Here is a Quick Rundown of
How the Masterclass Works!! 👇

Check out what our past students have to say about how the Financial Freedom Fast Track helped them make, save and invest tens of thousands more dollars IMMEDIATELY!

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What is The Financial Freedom Fast Track and How Does It Differ From Other Courses?

The Financial Freedom Fast Track is a 5 week experience that will go from Monday, September 11th to Wednesday, October 11th. (Full Calendar at bottom of this page!) designed to give you 100% of the information you need to know in order to become financially free as soon as possible and also to give you the highest possible likelihood of achieving that goal.

How can I guarantee that and how is this any different than a book or course? Great questions! Here are the answers:

✅ Direct Access to Me for 5 Weeks: You will have my Facebook, email and tons of opportunities to talk to me on video to answer any and all of your questions.

✅ Weekly Office Hours with Me: I will go Live twice a week through Zoom so everyone is getting as much one on one attention as you need to accomplish your goals!! You will be able to watch the 10 modules anytime. I record them the week of so they are up to date then upload them so you can watch when is most convenient for you!!

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee: So far, we have had 800 people take this Masterclass and a whopping ZERO have asked for a refund. But I still offer this because I am confident that this will change every single person’s life who joins.

✅ Lifetime Access to a Private Wealth Building Group for Questions and Networking: I will be in there during the class everyday answering questions and so will everyone else so you can build a tribe of like-minded high achievers.

✅ Weekly Private Sessions with Industry Professionals: I am bringing in a CPA, a Career Coach, and a Millionaire AirBNB investor that you will learn from and get to speak with.

✅ Want it summed up? Most books and courses have good info. But they do not give you the best likelihood of achieving your goal because you do not have access to the Author and a community of like-minded people. My goal over the next 5 weeks is to give 100% of my attention to this group and to give every single person in it the highest possible likelihood of learning what they need to do in order to become financially free ASAP.

Who is Financial Freedom Fast Track for?

If you answer "YES" to any of the questions below then this course is for you!

This course is perfect for anyone AT ANY LEVEL who wants to better their financial situation and build wealth.

This is for the complete beginner or even money veterans who want to take their finances to the next level!

✅ Are you interested in a better life for you and your family? Are you tired of just getting by?

✅ Are you wanting to learn how to MAKE MORE MONEY so that you actually have money to invest?

✅ Are you wanting to learn how to invest your money in order to reach financial freedom and build long-term wealth?

✅ Are you wanting to learn how to build a financial system that pays you enough money monthly to where you have the option to quit your job ASAP?

What Will You Learn in the Course?

In this course, I show you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to build a life centered around sustainable cash flow and long term wealth building.

✅ What Financial Freedom is and How to Build a DETAILED Roadmap to Financial Freedom that fits YOU!

✅ How to Figure Out Exactly Where You Are Financially by Tracking the Most Important Financial Metrics!

✅ How to Pay Off Debt as Smartly and Quickly as Possible!

✅ How to Build and Income of $100k to $250k+ FAST and Build Extra Sources of Income so you can Build Wealth WHILE ALSO enjoying your life!

✅ How to Get $10,000+ Raises, Find the Highest Paying Jobs, and Maximize Your Benefits so you can get paid what you’re worth!

✅ How to Invest Your Money in Order to Build Massive Cash Flow and Long Term Generational Wealth without having to worry about risking your hard earned money!

✅ Everything You Need to Know to Build Long Term Wealth in the Stock Market without having to worry about market crashes or recessions! I will tell you EXACTLY how to build a portfolio and what accounts you should be putting money in.

✅ How to Use Real Estate to Generate Passive Cash Flow and Build Wealth without needing to be a landlord! We go over buying out of your area, buying AirBNB, and MUCH MORE!

✅ How to Build a 6-7 figure Online Business to Replace Your Income so you can quit your job ASAP if you want to be an entrepreneur!

✅ How to Put It All Together and What You Need to Do on a Weekly and Monthly Basis to Reach Financial Freedom as quickly as possible!!

Let Me Ask You a Question...

✅ If all this course did was give you the information you needed to figure out how to easily save an extra $1k a month or get an immediate $10k-$50k raise, or buy your first Rental Property that will make you tens of thousands of dollars over time, what would that be worth to you?

✅ If the only thing this course did was teach you everything you need to know about how to safely and effectively invest in the Stock Market, Real Estate and build a cash flowing Business, making you hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars over the course of your life, what would that be worth to you?

✅ If all this course did was give you 100% of the information in 30 days that you need to expedite your Financial Freedom journey so you didn’t have to go through trial and error over the next 5-10 years and thousands of hours online to try and figure it out, how much would that be worth to you?

So what's the price?

$5,000??? Nope.

$2,500??? No, not even close.

$1,000? It probably should be but nope, still not close.

I am giving away over $5,000 in value for only $297 (Normally $397!) 🔥🔥🔥

I also offer payment plans to break up the cost. You can do either 2 months at $148.50 per month or 4 months at only $74.25 per month


Because I don’t want the up front cost to be the reason why you can’t take part in this life changing experience.

Taking this Masterclass is investing $297 or as little as $74.25 up front to immediately learn THE EXACT strategies that will make you $1,000’s more this year and $100,000’s more over the course of your life!

Here's My Promise to You

Either you take the Masterclass and you feel like you got at least TEN TIMES MORE VALUE than what you paid, or I will refund 100% of your money immediately.

It’s simple.

Just email me at or direct message me on Instagram @Defining.Wealth, give me your feedback and I’ll give you your money back.

Course Office Hours Schedule


All classes and guest speaker sessions will be recorded and uploaded to Thinkfic so you can watch them throughout the week at your own convenience. The office hours will be done live so you can show up and ask questions. Those recordings will also be uploaded for you to watch or rewatch! You also will always have access to to ask questions in the Facebook group and/or Direct message Tyler (Me) on Facebook directly ANYTIME!

Meet Your Instructor

Tyler Wright

So who am I and what makes me qualified to teach about Financial Freedom?

Well, to be very direct, because I did it. I started off making $30k out of school and quickly learned I didn’t want to work forever. That led me one journey to figure out as much as I possibly could about personal finance and investing.

Over the next 7 years, I raised my income from $30k to over $350k, invested over $750k in the stock market, Bought 7 rental units and a primary home, started 2 businesses and raised my Net Worth to $1.5 Million by the time I was 28 years old.

I retired from the corporate world forever just before I turned 29 and now I spend my time focusing on my true passion which is teaching and coaching others to expedite their own path to Financial Success and Financial Freedom. 🔥

Frequently Asked Questions

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and any additions that are made. When you click the button to purchase you will create a Thinkific account.

You can watch the classes at your own convenience and you can also watch the recordings FOREVER because you have lifetime access at no extra cost. Those replays will be available for you to access 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year forever!

The beauty of this course is that there are recorded sessions released each week so you can watch whenever is most convenient for YOU but also that there are live office hours each week so you can be there and ask questions to me DIRECTLY ONE ON ONE! You can also message or email me anytime with questions! This isn’t a course you take, this is a direct coaching experience for a fraction of the normal price it would cost to work with me for this many hours!

Yes, as long as you have internet access, you would be able to watch the videos and take the course from any device!

I live in the United States so the majority of the content will be focused around the US, however most of what we will go over will be fairly universal.

I have a 100% money back guarantee so I always tell people to take the course and if for whatever reason you feel like the reason you did not get the value out of it that you were looking for because of where you live then obviously I will send you your money back ASAP!



Full Disclosure: I do not have any future Masterclasses scheduled after this one and due to demand and the value of the course both going up, if there are future masterclasses, the price will be going up!

So if you are interested then make click below, take advantage of the lowest price this will ever be and I will see you inside!