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The average human life expectancy is 78 years. The average retirement age is 65. So we work until 65 only to be free for our last 13? If that doesn’t make sense to you either, then you are in the right place. I help people learn how to buy back their freedom through making more money, investing better, and creating their dream life ASAP.

Hi, I'm Tyler Wright

I was a newly graduated 22-year-old kid out of college with $0 to my name. I quickly learned that waking up 5 days a week at 6 am leaving at 7 am to get to work by 8 am to work until 6 pm to get home and shower by 7:30 pm only to have just enough time to watch 1-2 episodes on Netflix before bed for the next 45 years couldn’t be the life for me.

This set me on a journey to learn everything I possibly could about personal finance and investing. So I quickly raised my income by working a sales job and funneling all of my money into Stocks and Real Estate. Over the next 6 years, I built up a Net Worth of over $1.5 million dollars and was bringing in over $10,000 per month.

Now, I’m dedicated to teaching people how to aggressively increase their income, buy income-producing assets and create massive cash-flowing businesses so they can buy back their freedom and get to their own version of their dream life as soon as possible

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When I quit my job in April of 2022 to focus full-time on helping others, I asked myself one question: What kind of experience can I create that will give someone the highest possible likelihood of achieving their goal of reaching Financial Freedom as soon as possible? Then, I built it.

This will show you not only exactly how I built a $1.5 million net worth by 28, but also give you a multitude of exact strategies to build your own financial freedom plan that fits YOU!

If you show up, pay attention, and take action over the long haul, the information inside of this is course will literally give you the blueprint to building a multi-million dollar net worth and life of financial freedom.

Since starting the course, I have gone from 10% saving rate to 30%. I have also paid off 2 credit cards. I understand the bad debt needs to be taken care of before investing more.


DO IT! It is worth every penny. I feel Tyler could charge way more for this course. I have explained to friends, family this course and they are shocked when I have told them the price.


I have taken an action plan on what exactly to do next. I set my action plan. I know exactly what I am investing in and what to invest in next. I am working with a realtor to buy my first investment property.


I am a raving fan of the work you’re doing! I can feel that you are a genuinely kind human and just want to help others. You did a great job breaking things down to the basics and never made people feel small for not knowing something.


This class was like nothing else I ever took. You really took it to the next level. The interactive part of it is priceless. It made such a difference to be able to sit through a zoom live and ask questions — rather than just watching pre-recorded lessons.


The course was AMAZING. I feel much more confident in my investment capabilities going forward. I am still in college but will come out making >$100k next year […] I’m so thankful for this course and plan to revisit it in the future.